Wednesday, 1 January 2014

ooooh pretty!

so i recieved this little beauty for christmas from my dearest mummy!, and i have to say its got to be my favourite eyeshadow palette yet, i love the pinky shimmery rose gold tones; so beautiful!
thought i'd share a picture of it! i will be doing a swatch post and review on all three palettes,but do excuse my naked 1 its rather worn and messy haha.

hope you all had a lovely christmas and a happy new year!xxxxx

Thursday, 19 December 2013

christmas presant to myself.

so this is my new hair!, i thought i'd treat myself to some more permanent hair extensions, these are pre bonded ombre hair extensions, i have to say they are a little uncomfy and are taking a while to get used to them, we shall see how i feel in a month or so!

also i'm thinking of re starting my blog and having a complete new start, i will post details of it when i do this but in the meanwhile i'll be posting on here :)

merry christmas!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

beauty haul...

hello there!
just a few pictures of some products ive picked up in the past couple of weeks, some being birthday gifts!, any questions feel free to ask! xx


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

finally got it!

ive finally purchased a HD brow kit!, i have just started a new job and i'm now working full time, so should hopefullyhave a bit more money to splurge on luxury items! yaaay, i will do an in depth review but for now here is a couple of pictures and a tiny overview!

For my brows i chose the 'vamp' palette as it is the darkest toned palette and i have quite dark brows naturally, however i find myself at the moment using the lightest 'rich brown colour' because i feel this is also a dark brown, i think when doing other peoples brows this isn't a palette you could use on everyone only dark haired people. However you can buy the HD brow kit in other shades also!. I think the colour pay off/pigmentation is amazing and you could use the palette on your eyes too, so very versatile which is great!, i think i will love this product for my brows especially because i like my brows quite full on and defined which is easy to achieve straight away because of the pigmentation, you would have to go very lightly if you wanted to have a more natural brow but i think this is because of the dark colours in the vamp palette, so it maybe wouldn't be so bad with a lighter palette.

Anyway I shall keep you updated with more pictures of my brows later on! :)

much love

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

whats going on?

Pretty picture to make you smile :)

OOOOH my god, since getting my car I am on the tightest budget ever, I never realised how expensive it is to run a car, baring in mind I only have a part time job as a waitress which doesn't give me much money spare each month after paying my insurance (damn you new drivers insurance costs), and also paying for petrol other bills etc. All this money going out means not much spare money for luxuries!, I'm having to cut down a lot which isn't very fun at all. I'm hoping to find a full time job when I finish college which should be in around a months time, so fingers crossed that goes well!, then I'm going to apply for university next year and hopefully do nursing!. I just thought I should update you on where I've been, I promise to blog more starting from now! payday Friday and I've worked a lot throughout the Easter holidays so I'm hoping I get a good wage, therefore SHOPPING!!!!!!:D

Much love, and I'm sorry for slacking so much!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

a few purchases...

hey lovelies! these are just a few purchases i bought from a few different places like superdrug boots etc.. they are all beauty related and i deffo need to stop spending, im getting my first car tomorrow so the budgeting begins now really :( Aussie volume shampoo and conditioner and aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor; they all smell so good i bought them for 3 for £10! possibility peppermint icecream bath and shower cream i bought this from home bargains because i thought it was one of those philosophy knock offs they usually have in tesco or asda, however this didnt smell too nice.o couldnt even smell peppermint:/ la roche posay effaclar duo; i bought this from boots after seeing the hype about it on youtube and also reading up on it on other blogs, i have tried it but i didnt feel as if it did anything, my skin had broke out at the time i started using it but as i kept applying it night and day i still broke out more and my skin was quite dry even with a moisturiser too? so im still debating on whether its any good for my skin or not vaseline active fresh deoderant; this is one of those compressed deoderants where it is suposed to be an equivalent to a 150ml sized deoderant compressed in a 75ml tin, im not sure of it does actually last as long but we shall see, plus im abit obsessed with using it as its a nice handbag size, i love the fresh smell it has! revlon colorstay normal to dry foundation i love this foundation ive used it many times before and it is a very reliable foundation lasts all day and provides a good coverage, mine is in the shade sand beige. MUA; i bought the MUA undressed palette which is exactly the same shades as the urban decay naked palette (which i have used to death everyday), the colours are really well pigmented. MUA love hearts nail polish in UR FAB, this is a deep pinky colour with a sort of brown undertone, i was suprised at the consistancy as it was only £2.00 i only needed one coat!, MUA lip liner in pink me up, i thought id give this ago as i dont own a pink lipliner its sort of a shimmery pinky colour not too bright or light too. MUA eyeshadow in shade 30pearl, just a standard gold eyeshadow more bronzy than gold and also very pigmented. MUA eyeliner in gold nugget, this is an intense glitter eyeliner, i wanted to try a gold eyeliner as i tend to use gold eyeshadow under my eye quite a lot. Sleek true colour lipstick in russian roulette this is a matte dark red colour i have done a swatch of this so will insert below. rimmel kate moss lipstick; in shade 110 i will also attatch a swatch, the swatch looks more reddy toned than the true colour. rihanna perfume in reb'l fleur; this smells so nice and pretty, it reminds me of summer for some reason i love it! rimmel brow pencil; in dark brown, just an average brow pencil i have used this for a couple of years now :) i hope you enjoyed! any questions just ask:)