Wednesday, 17 April 2013

whats going on?

Pretty picture to make you smile :)

OOOOH my god, since getting my car I am on the tightest budget ever, I never realised how expensive it is to run a car, baring in mind I only have a part time job as a waitress which doesn't give me much money spare each month after paying my insurance (damn you new drivers insurance costs), and also paying for petrol other bills etc. All this money going out means not much spare money for luxuries!, I'm having to cut down a lot which isn't very fun at all. I'm hoping to find a full time job when I finish college which should be in around a months time, so fingers crossed that goes well!, then I'm going to apply for university next year and hopefully do nursing!. I just thought I should update you on where I've been, I promise to blog more starting from now! payday Friday and I've worked a lot throughout the Easter holidays so I'm hoping I get a good wage, therefore SHOPPING!!!!!!:D

Much love, and I'm sorry for slacking so much!