Monday, 19 November 2012

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Headkandy hair extensions review

hey guys; this is my review on the headkandy clip in hair extensions,this is an honest review and i purchased them with my own money! After multiple searching for the extensions i wanted i opted for the Headkandy clip in setthey seemed to be everything i was looking for, the reviews seemed good and everyone commented on the thickness of them which is what i need as my hair is only just above shoulder length, i chose the 16-18 inch ones in shade espresso 'darkest brown' they cost £85.99 and all together including p&p about £91.00 quite pricey but i feel they are worth ot:D they weigh 160g which is a lot of hair.
This picture shows the packaging the extensions were in and the extensions themselves, there was also additional packaging that the extensions were enclosed in too, i liked the package design, usually extensions just come in a plastic sleeve type packaging.
This picture shows everything i recieved with the extentions; the outerbox, the plastic sleeve which also includes three extra clips, an essential guide booklet showing different ways to apply to extensions, take care of them, dye them, wash them etc; this is actually very handy and very easy to under stand! (i'm not good at reading instructions-HA!). When i opened the extensions there was a side that you could open to check the hair quality, length and colour, this was with one of the one clip pieces, if the hair is okay, you can then open the extensions, this is that if you want to send them back then you are guaranteed a full refund as long as the rest of the extensions are open and only the tester side, the packaging tells you this, so you are safe!.
This just shows all the wefts underneath each other, as you can tell from the picture the extensions are very thick and they feel amazing they look so shiny and feel so soft, they also don't tangle when wearing them, this is a plus as most extensions i have used seem to tangle so bad!, the wefts are numbered; inside the guide book there is a diagram showing how to apply them using the numbers, i don't stick to this as my hair is short and layered therefore i use a different technique to hide my hair as much as possible, i will insert a picture of the clip in guide the booklet gives you.
One of the wefts is super thick; it is a quad weft, it is the thickest of all and i tend to put this in the centre of my head as it is the fullest, i loveeeee this piece of hair:D
This picture is the clip in guide in the essential guide book which comes with the extensions, it might be better for people with longer hair that don't have as much layers to hide.
When using my extensions i do use a lot of heat on them, which isnt good for any hair, so i've been using this loreal silk and gloss hot straight spray, i feel it works really well and smells good too!, too brush through my extensions this tangle teezer is amazing! it doesn't pull as the roots like a normal brush so it brushes through the extensions lightly and doesn't took the clips in your hair, i'd definatley reccomend this too anyone, even if you don't wear extensions! its a must have for me!:D Thats all for my Headkandy hair extensions review, i hope you like it and if you have any questions, just comment below, i'll answer them! Much love <3