Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lauren's way Instant self-tanning lotion review;...

So, basically after bieng 100% obsessed with TOWIE, i ended up coming across, Lauren Goodgers own 'NEW' range of self tans! i was sooo excited to try one of them, and decided to buy the instant lotion version of the fake tan, there is a lotion and a mousse, but you can buy them both together, i will go into the prices further down, So i am going to review the Lotion as i haven't bought the mousse, YET.... i can honestly say this fake tan is amazing, it is quite pricey, but i think that it is worth the splurge, i usually absoloutley detest putting fake tan on because of the stickiness and the horribly biscuit smell that most tans leave, however this wonderful tan has a really nice scent, the thing is i don't know how to describe it! haha, it dries quickly, and there is a colour guide so you can see if there is any streaks which makes it sooo much easier, i find that the tan is also quite moisturising which is good for my dry skin.

Onto the pictures;

As you can see from above, the tan does look very dark and scary, but once it has been blended in it leaves a really nice golden glow, with no orange at all, infact it has an olive hint to it, the consistency is quite thick, so you dont need alot of pumps, and the colour i would say with one coat is about a medium tan, but is definatley buildable!

This shows the fake tan, as you can see i am VERY dark!, i think theres about 3 coats on here, rather extreme. oooh and excuse the floor, in the process of getting a new carpet haha! -___-

The official Lauren Goodger
, Only way webpage

Instant self-tanning lotion costs £15.95

Instant self-tanning bronzing mousse costs £17.95

And the self-tanning kit costs, £25.00

So this tan is a definate reccomendation in my eyes, and i shall be trying the mousse out too, to see which i prefer!

Much love bryony. xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

You know i really got a thing for american guys, ''i mean sigh'' -Nicki minaj

001. After much hatred for Nicki minaj, i have decided i actually love her! i find it quite funny how i suddenly changed my opinion, i started to listen to her songs when i heard super bass, and realised how good her music is, and her quality rapping ability, do admit i have tried abit of it myself -_- obviously not suceeded. Just thought i would share my new love for nicki and i may do a makeup look later inspired by her! bit of a pointless post but i thought i'd share my thoughts and post a few pics!

Much love, bryony xxx