Tuesday, 17 September 2013

finally got it!

ive finally purchased a HD brow kit!, i have just started a new job and i'm now working full time, so should hopefullyhave a bit more money to splurge on luxury items! yaaay, i will do an in depth review but for now here is a couple of pictures and a tiny overview!

For my brows i chose the 'vamp' palette as it is the darkest toned palette and i have quite dark brows naturally, however i find myself at the moment using the lightest 'rich brown colour' because i feel this is also a dark brown, i think when doing other peoples brows this isn't a palette you could use on everyone only dark haired people. However you can buy the HD brow kit in other shades also!. I think the colour pay off/pigmentation is amazing and you could use the palette on your eyes too, so very versatile which is great!, i think i will love this product for my brows especially because i like my brows quite full on and defined which is easy to achieve straight away because of the pigmentation, you would have to go very lightly if you wanted to have a more natural brow but i think this is because of the dark colours in the vamp palette, so it maybe wouldn't be so bad with a lighter palette.

Anyway I shall keep you updated with more pictures of my brows later on! :)

much love