Sunday, 6 June 2010

St Moritz fake tan Mousse [Review]

Review; 001- This is my absoloute favourite all time false tan ever! to start of it costs £2.99! amazing. And it is also everything i look for in a tan, 1)It doesn't streak 2)It doesn't have a strong biscuity false tan scent 3)Its cheap 4)its a gorgeous colour and the perfect shade 5)It is buildable and you can either make it dark in one coat or apply it in 1 coat every couple of days. It brings out such a natural brown colour and doesn't have a hint of orange at all, one coat would probably bring out the perfect natural tan and then if you want to be darker then it is possible to apply more.

This tan is a definate must have, if you are investing in trying either a false tan for the first time, or even looking for a new tan, then this is the one to try, it is compared to the St tropez tan which costs around £20.00, it apparently has the near enough the same ingredients, in my experiance i have tried the St tropez mousse tan before (not mine, a friends) and i really do agree that it looks the same as the St moritz tan, so i would reccomend that if you are a swear by St tropez tanner, then go and buy the St moritz tan just to try and hopefully you will see that it is just as good :)

I have seen 3 different types of tan that they do, a Mousse, a Mist, and a face gel.

Unfortuantly it is very hard to get hold of and can only be bought in the uk unless you purchase it online, i have seen it for sale in Home Bargains, B&M, Tj Hughes, Xtras, Instore. Ebay also do sell it i think it is around £5.00 including P&P and in the shops £2.99, there are few websites where you can also purchase it from, i will post the link below. If you have any questions about the tan please ask away!

Thanks x

A list of comparison websites:-


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