Monday, 16 May 2011

Halo hair extensions review...

Review; 002: After much searching and comparing, i finally picked a brand of hair extensions that were perfect for me, after my rapunzel rapunzel ones, were completely past there date, i'd had them for over a year, and i found that they were too long, so cut them down and the ends looked so un-natural and blunt, plus they were getting shorter and shorter everytime i tried the cut into the ends so thin them out, (i could never be a hair dresser), i'd also coloured them about 5 times, which isnt really good for them. sooo onto the new ones....

So i was looking for 16 inch, hair extensions i didnt want really really long hair, but i wanted abit of length, so i went for the 16 inch, i found the 16 inch dark brown hair extensions from Halo hair extensions, which were only £49.99 and the post and packaging was free! I purchased them on a wednesday night and they came friday before 12, which is amazing!

The packaging is quite simple, and doesn't have much detail about the product, it only has the website and the logo, i will insert a picture below,

Personally i am in love with these hair extensions, the quality is amazing, they are so silky and look really natural shiny, and healthy,the clips are really sturdy and dont feel heavy on the head at all, the only thing bad i could say is that they are quite thin, so if you want thick hair i reccomend the deluxe set, which have a little bit more hair, i think its 12 pieces instead of 8, however it is a little bit more, but not much more.
So overall i would fully reccomend these hair extensions and i will be definatley purchasing another set for my prom, so it is abit thicker when its curled! i think these are amazing quality for the price, so if you are looking for some natural looking hair extensions you will love these!

A more less serious picture! haha..Hope your all ok, x

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