Saturday, 26 January 2013

being a little naughty... well alot:s

okay.. so my excuse for buying all these sweeties is..... me and my boyfriend were going to the cinema so we picked up a few sweeties to sneak in with us. BUT we found a new american sweet shop so we had to go in £18.00 later we'd purchase a few things to try; lucky charms cereal, we also bought two lucky charms marshmallow bars which we ate in the cinema, we bought a box of cupcake bites which we ate and also bought more in red velvet flavour, hersheys chocolate twizzlers, coca-cola vanilla (zero;) like that makes me feel less guilty hehe), raspberry jolly ranchet soda and i think tbat was all the american sweets we bought! i'd deffo buy more if it wasn't so expensive because of it being imported from america:( damn you english sweets!!

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