Sunday, 13 January 2013

what i'm using on my hair atm..

I always switch on products and like to try new things, usually all drugstore because thrre more likely to be on offer, so i normally grab a bargain when i see one, these are the hair products ive been using at the moment and tools that i go for on most days!
Batiste dry shampoo; i always use dry shampoo in between hair washes, i normally wash my hair every couple of days sometimes less because of work (i work part time as a waitress). i dont usually go for a specific scent,i just grab whats there or on offer. schwarzkopf got to be styling powder; This is a powder which creates volume, its basically a sticky powder which u put on the roots of your hair and work it in, i normally then backcomb the root and it gives amazing volume, however your hair doesn't feel too nice with it in but it definatly looks big and volumized. schwarzkopf GLISS hair repair; This has liquid keratin and is for brittle, dull hair (mine!) i usually spray some on my hair all over whilst its damp and then after ice styled it ill spritz abit on the end of my hair, it does work and makes a difference too my hair, adds shine and feels smoother and silkier. Loreal paris studio silk and gloss hot straight spray; Just a basic heat protectant for your hair, nothing spectacular but does the job! clairol herbal essences split ends protection cream; This product is amazing it does everything it says on the bottle, i distribute oy through the ends of my hair whilst damp and also when dry, it makes them feel so much healthier and as if ive just had a trim, it smells amazing too soo fruity! Primark bristle brush; I'm not sure whether this is still available from primark as it was bought well over a year ago, its just a standard.bristle brush, i always go back to this brush, its so multi-purpose. you can use it for backcombing, brushing, blow drying etc. i just love it! GHD hair straightners; i cant rave about these enough, they make my hair stay straighter for so long, they make my hair more sleeker and silkier and it doesnt take as much effort or as long. i love these babies!. Andrew barton hair dryer; I love this hairdryer it is so powerful and has a turbo button and a cool button as well as other settings such as heat and power, a bog standard.hairdryer, dead easy to use and does the job! hope you all enjoyed !x

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